Convert your business card into a Business eCard

The green alternative to a paper business card is a free business e-card.  These electronic cards can be sent over the Internet through your email address, or directly form your cell phone to another phone using  Bluetooth connection, Business eCards can be stored in any PC or cell phone for easy retrieval. Business eCard is a state-of-the-art social networking tool and service for developing and broadcasting business identities.

Bring your email and other documents to life

Attach your digital Business eCard to the end of your e-mail and other documents. Make it unique and make it speak for you!

If most of your business is done online or if you use e-mail to promote your business, consider creating a digital business card. Like a paper business card, your digital 
Business eCard reminds your customers and prospects of your talents, goods, or services and provides information so they can quickly contact you. Use Business eCard to standardize your company's email signatures. Find more information on Business eCards for Christmas .

Create a Business eCard holder in your PC or cell phone

By right clicking with the mouse over any Business eCard you can save it into a folder in your PC. All the Business eCards of your customers or business contacts are automatically classified alphabetically without spending time to introduce manually the data in your business directory!

Use a Business eCard Directory in your website

If you have several departments in your company and you are using a basic “contact us” page in your website, as the primary means for prospects, customers and partners to get in contact with you, 
Business eCards can help you to connect them to the right corporate employee by using our Corporate Directory Solution.

Business eCards Company Directory Solution can be integrated on your website with a single line of code. When visitors come to your corporate website, they will see a tab called “Directory”. When they click on that tap it will provide a directory of all the business cards for key people in your company, such as sales and customer supportdepartment. Please contact us to learn more about how to implement aBusiness eCards Directory in your website.